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Accordia Research Papers


The Accordia journal, Accordia Research Papers (ARP) was first published in 1991 and has been published semi-annually every since. We publish papers on all aspects of the study of early Italy. We welcome innovative contributions from scholars working in any of these areas, and we are particularly keen to publish the work of younger scholars. We principally publish in English, but we are also happy to accept contributions in Italian. If you would like further information about publishing in Accordia Research Papers, please contact the Editor, Professor Ruth Whitehouse (, or download our Notes for Authors.

Tables of contents of previous volumes of the journal can be found below.

Important note for Library Subscribers: it is our earnest intention to publish ARP annually. However, it is in the nature of our small, non-commercial operation that we cannot guarantee annual publication. It is a condition of subscription, therefore, that the subscription be viewed as supporting this publication venture, and that Library Subscribers will not necessarily receive an issue every year in return for their annual subscription. If this is not acceptable, it is open to libraries not to subscribe, but to purchase copies at the Individual Copy price as and when an issue is published. Library Subscribers are also reminded that their Subscription enables them to purchase other Accordia publications at Subscriber Discount, usually 25%.



Annual Institutional/Library Subscription: £50.


Individual (non-subscription) New Publication Purchase Price: £100.


For further details of how to subscribe, please see our main Subscription page.  For purchase, please see our Order page.


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