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Accordia Research Papers 4 (1993) 

Skeates, R. Early metal-use in the central Mediterranean region, 5-48.

Pearce, M. The origins of metallurgy and ore sources: a north Italian case study, 49-62.

Lomas, K. The city in southeast Italy. Ancient topography and the evolution of urban settlement, 600-300 BC, 63-78.

Laurence, R. Emperors, nature and the city: Rome's ritual landscape, 79-88.

Moreland, J. Wilderness, waste land, depopulation and the end of the Roman empire? 89-110.

Balista, C. & De Guio, A. (with contributions by E. Gastiglioni, S.  Levi, A. Malgarise, A. Marchesan, M. Migliavacca, L., Perin, M. Rotoli, A. Vanzetti, R. Whitehouse & J. Wilkins). The site of Fabbrica dei Soci (Villabartolomea-VR): beyond the surface, 111.

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