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Accordia Research Papers 7 (1997-8)

Milliken, S. The earliest occupation of Italy, 7-36.

Malone, C. Processes of colonisation in the central Mediterranean, 37-58.

Stoddart, S. Contrasting political strategies in the islands of the southern central Mediterranean, 59-74.

Ciaraldi, M. Food offerings at the Archaic/Hellenistic sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Monte Papalucio (Oria, Apulia, southern Italy), 75-92.

Häussler, R. Ideology, power and the meaning of Roman culture: the changing motivational force of Roman culture, 93-112.

Lomas, K. Graeca urbs? Ethnicity and culture in early imperial Naples, 113-130.

De Guio, A., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J. (with contributions by F. Airundo, C. Balista, F. Cafiero & A. Vanzetti). Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese project: seventh report, 131-148.

Skeates, R. & Whitehouse, R. New radiocarbon dates for prehistoric Italy 3, 149.

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