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Accordia Research Papers 2 (1991) 


Brown, K.A. A passion for excavation. Labour requirements and possible functions for the ditches of the "villagi trincerati" of the Tavoliere, Apulia, 7-30.

Herring, E. Socio-political change in the south Italian Iron Age and Classical periods: an application of the peer polity interaction model, 31-54.

Spivey, N. The power of women in Etruscan society, 55-68.

Edwards, M.J. Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. From teenage butcher to Roman Alexander, 69-86.

Balzaretti, R. History: archaeology and early medieval urbanism: the north Italian debate, 87-104.

Gadd, D. & Ward-Perkins, B. The development of urban domestic housing in north Italy. The evidence of the excavations on the San Romano site, Ferrara (1981-4), 105-128.

Balista, C., Bonomi, S., Cantele, G., De Guio, A., Herring, E.,  Howard Davis, C., Howard, P., Magro, S., Malgarise, A., Perin, L., Toniolo, A., Vanzetti, A., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J. Alto-Medio Polesine Basso Veronese Project: third report, 129-178.

Migliavacca, M. Soil phosphate analysis at Fabbrica dei Soci (Verona), 179.

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