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Becoming a Member

If you approve of our objectives and are interested in any aspect of our work, please help us by joining Accordia. We offer membership for individuals as Personal Subscriptions, and for organisations, such as libraries, as Institutional Subscriptions.


Personal Subscriptions

Personal Subscriptions are payable per calendar year. New subscriptions paid very late in the year will be considered as valid for the following year. Our current subscription rates are:


Annual Personal Subscription

Full Member: £25

Retired/Student: £15


Life Membership Options

Full Member: £250    

Retired Member: £150


Benefits: Paid-up members are entitled to a free copy of the Accordia Research Papers when it is published, and to substantial discounts on other Accordia publications (usually approximately 25%). Due to pressure on a small editorial team, we cannot guarantee that Accordia Research Papers will appear punctually every year, but we make every effort to ensure that it does, and we still need regular and continuing financial support to keep all the activities of Accordia going successfully.


Members can also join our Email list and receive regular updates of our activities and invitations to special events


How to Join

You can join Accordia either online here or via mail by completing and returning the Membership Form.


Joining by mail

If you would like to join Accordia, please download our Membership Form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar) and return it, with the appropriate payment, to: 


Accordia Research Institute

c/o Institute of Archaeology

31-34 Gordon Square

London WC1H 0PY

United Kingdom


Payment Methods

Cheque: Please make cheques payable to: ‘Accordia’.


Standing Order: If you have a UK bank account, please help us by setting up a Standing Order. If you would be willing to do so, please tick the box on the Membership Form, or download the Standing Order form here

PayPal: Accordia can also accept payments by card via the PayPal interface. Just Email us at, and we will send you the details. This service is FREE to you, you pay nothing extra, and there is absolutely no compulsion to open a PayPal account.


Institutional Subscriptions

Institutions and/or Libraries can take out an Institutional Subscription, which entitles them to a free copy of the Accordia Research Papers as and when it is published and confers other benefits, such as a 25% discount on other Accordia publications. For further details, please contact us at the address above, or email Ruth Whitehouse (


Important note to Library Subscribers: it is our earnest intention to publish ARP annually. However, it is in the nature of our small, non-commercial and volunteer operation that we cannot guarantee annual publication. It is a condition of subscription, therefore, that subscription is viewed as supporting this publication venture, and that Library Subscribers will not necessarily receive an issue every year in return for their annual subscription. If this is not acceptable, it is open to libraries not to subscribe, but to purchase copies at the Individual Copy price as and when an issue is published.


Annual Institutional Subscription: £50.


Individual (non-subscription) New Publication Purchase Price: £100.


To purchase Institutional Membership please contact Accordia directly.

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