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Accordia Research Papers 10 (2004-6)

M.A. Mannino and K.D. Thomas. Dates for hunter-gatherers and early farmers in Sicily.

H. Dawson. Understanding colonization: Adaptation strategies in the Central Mediterranean islands.

A. Cazzella and G. Recchia. Revisiting anomalies: New excavations at Tas-Silg and a comparison with other megalithic temples in Malta.

C. Hayden. Simultaneous Inventions. The dispersed origins of rock-cut tombs in the central Mediterranean.

R. Guglielmino. Roca Vecchia (Lecce). New evidence for Aegean contacts with Apulia in the Late Bronze Age.

T.P. Wiseman. Andrea Carandini and Roma Quadrata.

F.R. Serra Ridgway. Revisiting the Etruscan underworld.

R. Häussler. Local religions in a global world: the case of Gallia Narbonensis.

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