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Accordia Research Papers 9 (2001-3)

C. Malone, G. Ayala, M. Fitzjohn and S. Stoddart. Under the Volcano, 7-22.

A.M. Bietti Sestieri. Groups of Copper, Bronze and Iron Age metal artefacts from the Italian collections in the British Museum, 23-44.

M.A. Tafuri, J. Robb, M. Mastroroberto, L. Salvadei and G. Manzi. Diet, mobility and residence patterns in Bronze Age Southern Italy. Trace element analysis of human bone and dental enamel, 45-56.

A. Rathje. Life in Central Italy in the Archaic period, 57-68. 

C. Riva. Keeping up with the Etruscans?  Picene elites in central Italy during the Orientalising period, 69-92. 

R.E. Roth. Ritual abbreviations in the Etruscan funeral. The red-figured skyphos GR.1952.31 in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, 93-104.

A. Lintott. Delator and Index. Informers and accusers at Rome from the republic to the Early Principate, 105-122.

K.A. Brown. Aerial archaeology of the Tavoliere. The Italian Air Photographic Record and the Riley Archive, 123-146.

A. de Guio, R. Whitehouse and J. Wilkins. Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese Project: ninth report' (with contributions by C. Balista, F. Cafiero, A. de Guio, R.D. Whitehouse and J.B. Wilkins), 147-162.

R. Skeates. New radiocarbon dates for prehistoric Italy. Supplementary list 5, 163-182.

M. Papa Sokal. USA and Italy sign agreement to protect Italian archaeological materials, 182-188.

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