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Accordia Research Papers 13 (2013)

Special Issue: Rethinking the Italian Neolithic

Ruth D. Whitehouse and Mark Pearce. Introduction. 

Robin Skeates. Neolithic Italy at 4004 BC: people and places.

Keri A. Brown and Craig Alexander. Once is not enough: were there two Neolithic colonisations of Southern Italy?

Martina Dalla Riva. Pottery fragmentation at Fimon-Molino Casarotto (Vicenza).

Susanna Harris. Cloth culture in the Middle Neolithic Square-Mouthed Pottery culture of northern Italy, with special reference to basketry. 

Andrea Dolfini. The Neolithic beginnings of metallurgy in the central Mediterranean region.

Mark Pearce. Impact, language communities and archaeological schools: British archaeologists and Italian Neolithic studies.

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