The Italy Lectures

The annual series of Italy Lectures have become an established fixture in the diaries of all those interested in early Italy. They are widely appreciated for the diverse range of topics covered, the high standard of the lectures and the convivial post-lecture receptions. The lecture series are jointly sponsored by the Institute of Classical Studies (Institute of Advanced Study, University of London) and by the Institute of Archaeology UCL. We are grateful to the directors and staff of both Institutes for their continued support. Past programmes of lectures and seminars can be found here.

Accordia Lectures 2020 – 2021


I am happy to announce the Accordia lectures for 2020–2021. Because of the on-going pandemic, the lectures will be delivered via Zoom. If the situation changes at any stage in the New Year, I will try to return to ‘real’ lectures in real lecture rooms. In the meantime, if you wish to attend on Zoom, please let me know on and I will send you emails with the joining details for each lecture.

All lectures will be at 17:30 UK local time




TUESDAY October 20 at 17:30

Who can I be now? Creating community identities in pre-Roman Italy

Edward Herring, National University of Ireland Galway


TUESDAY November 17 at 17:30

Gian Francesco Abela:

re-assessing the legacy of a 17th century antiquarian in Malta

Reuben Grima & Nicholas Vella, University of Malta


TUESDAY December 8 at 17:30

Accordia Anniversary Lecture

Production and consumption of textiles in pre-Roman Italy:

archaeological evidence

Margarita Gleba, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich  





TUESDAY January 19  at 17:30

Toxic tombs with hegemonic husbands:

reconsidering masculine identity in Archaic central Italy

Eóin O'Donoghue, University of St Andrews


TUESDAY February 23 at 17:50

Bodies in persistent places:

another look at Nuragic figurines from Sardinia

Isabelle Vella Gregory, University of Cambridge


TUESDAY March 16 at 17:30

World War II in Sicily: protecting archaeology and museums under threat

Antonino Crisa, University of Ghent


TUESDAY May 11 at 17:30

The relics that made Rome:

a mythological–material approach to Rome’s legendary sacred objects, the pignora imperii

Eva Mol, University College London


TUESDAY May 25 2020  at 17:30

Underwater archaeology in Sicily: a case study of in situ preservation

Rosanna Volpe, MOLA

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