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Specialist Studies on Italy

The series Specialist Studies on Italy publishes work on all aspects of early Italy.  It includes a wide range of publication, including excavation and fieldwork reports, monographs, and collections of  seminar and conference papers. We welcome proposals for new additions to this series.  If you have a book proposal you would like us to consider, or would like further information about publishing with Accordia, please contact a member of the Editorial Committee.

For a pricelist and details of how to purchase books in this series, please see our page on How to Order.  

Neolithic Spaces.jpg

Sue Hamilton & Ruth Whitehouse, 2020.

Neolithic Spaces: Social and Sensory Landscapes of the First Farmers of Italy

Specialist Studies on Italy 19.1

ISBN 978-1-873415-412

Neolithic Spaces Vol 2.jpg

Sue Hamilton & Ruth Whitehouse. 

Mike Seager Thomas, 2020.

Neolithic Spaces: The Bradford Archive of Aerial Photographs

Specialist Studies on Italy 19.2

ISBN 978-1-873415-429

EtruscanLiteracyCover (1).jpg

Ruth Whitehouse (ed.), 2020.

Etruscan Literacy in its Social Context

Specialist Studies on Italy 18

ISBN 978-1-873415-375

PEARCE Rethinking Cover.jpg

Mark Pearce, 2013.

Rethinking the North Italian Early Neolithic

Specialist Studies on Italy 17 

ISBN 978-1873415443

Pearce Metal cover.jpg

Mark Pearce, 2007.
Bright Blades & Red Metal. Essays on north Italian prehistoric metalwork
Specialist Studies on Italy 14 

ISBN 978-1873415334

Loney cover.jpg

Helen L. Loney, 2013.
Social Change snd Technology in Prehistoric Italy
Specialist Studies on Italy 16 

ISBN 978-1873415399

Fitzjohn cover.jpg

Matthew Fitzjohn (ed.), 2007.
Uplands of Ancient Sicily and Calabria. The archaeology of landscape revisited
Specialist Studies on Italy 13

            ISBN 978-1873415320

Morgantina cover.jpg

Robert Leighton, 2012.
Prehistoric Houses at Morgantina. Excavations on the Cittadella of Morgantina in Sicily 1989-2004
Specialist Studies on Italy 15 

ISBN 978-1873415368

Ciaraildi Pompeii cover.jpg

Marina Ciaraldi, 2007.
People and plants in ancient Pompeii: a new approach to urbanism from the microscope room. The use of plant resources at Pompeii and in the Pompeian area from the 6th century BC to AD 79
Specialist Studies on Italy 12 

ISBN 978-1873415303

Oenotrians cover.jpg

Marianne Kleibrink, 2006.
Oenotrians near Sybaris: native proto-urban centralised settlement. A preliminary report on the excavation of two timber buildings on the Timpone della Motta, Francavilla Marittima 
Specialist Studies on Italy 11 (produced in association with the University of Groningen) 

ISBN 1873415273

State Ids cover.jpg

Edward Herring and Kathryn Lomas (eds), 2000.
The Emergence of state identities in Italy in the first millennium BC
Specialist Studies on Italy 8 

ISBN 1873415222

LigLands cover.jpg

Ross Balzaretti, Mark Pearce & Charles Watkins (eds), 2004.
Ligurian Landscapes: Studies in archaeology, geography and history in memory of Edoardo Grendi  

(Joint publication with the University of Genoa) Specialist Studies on Italy 10 

ISBN 1873415281

Gender & It Arch cover.jpg

Ruth D. Whitehouse (ed.), 1997.
Gender and Italian Archaeology
Specialist Studies on Italy 7 

ISBN 1873415184

Botromagno cover.jpg

Ruth D. Whitehouse, John B. Wilkins and Edward Herring, 2000.
Botromagno: excavation and survey in Gravina in Puglia, 1979-1985 
Specialist Studies on Italy 9 

                 ISBN 1873415230

Gender & Ethnicity cover.jpg

Tim Cornell and Kathryn Lomas (eds), 1997.
Gender and Ethnicity in ancient Italy
Specialist Studies on Italy 6 

ISBN 1873415141

Sicily cover.jpg

Robert Leighton, 1995.
Early societies in Sicily. New developments in archaeological research 
[Out of Print] 
Specialist Studies on Italy 5 

ISBN 1873415133

Radiocarbon cover.jpg

Robin Skeates and Ruth Whitehouse

(eds), 1994.
Radiocarbon dating and Italian prehistory
Specialist Studies on Italy 3

(Joint publication with the British School at Rome) 

ISBN 1873415117

Samnites cover.jpg

G. Schneider-Herrmann

(edited by Edward Herring), 1996
The Samnites of the Fourth Century BC as depicted on Campanian vases and in other sources
Specialist Studies on Italy 2 (Joint publication with the Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London)
ISBN 0900587644

U.Religion cover.jpg

Ruth D. Whitehouse, 1992.
Underground Religion. Cult and Culture in prehistoric Italy
Specialist Studies on Italy 1 

ISBN 1873415079

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