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Accordia Research Papers 3 (1992) 

Leighton, R. Stone axes and exchange in south Italian prehistory: new evidence from old collections, 11-40.

Whitehouse, R.D. Tools the Manmaker: the cultural construction of gender in Italian prehistory, 41-54.

Herring, E. Radiocarbon dating and South Italian Early Geometric pottery, 55-66.

Vida Navarro, M.C. Warriors and weavers: sex and gender in Early Iron Age graves from Pontecagnano, 67-100.

Harari, M. Etruscan Art: from difference to duality (and beyond), 101-106.

Longo Auricchio, F. The contribution made by the Herculaneum Papyri to our knowledge of Epicurean Philosophy, 107-124.

Wiedemann, T. Descent, succession-lists and genealogies in classical culture, 125-134.

Balista, C., Cantele, G., De Guio, A., Luciani, M., Migliavacca, M., Whitehouse, R. & Wilkins, J. Alto-Medio Polesine - Basso Veronese Project: fourth report, 135.

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