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Accordia Lectures and Research Seminars, 2004-2005  


The Italy Lectures

October 12th: Dr Gavin Kelly (University of Manchester), When the Emperor comes to Rome imperial visits to Rome in late antiquity 


November 9th: Dr Robert Leighton (University of Edinburgh), Where are the houses? Recent work in the Sicilian Iron Age 


December 14th, Accordia Anniversary Lecture: Dr Ian Campbell (Edinburgh College of Art), The Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588-1657). Collecting prints and drawings in seventeenth-century Rome: the architectural drawings after the Antique of Pirro Ligorio (c. 1513-83) 

January 18th: Dr Francesca Serra Ridgway,  Revisiting the Etruscan Underworld 

February 15th: Dr Richard Miles (University of Cambridge), A Punic Empire? Carthaginian imperialism in Sicily and Sardinia revisited 


March 8th: Dr Nick Vella (University of Malta), The western Phoenicians without texts 

May 3rd: Dr Sue Hamilton (Institute of Archaeology UCL), Phenomenology and Italian prehistory the Tavoliere-Gargano Project

Research Seminars

Language, Literacy and Identity in the Ancient Mediterranean

January 25th:  Kathryn Lomas (UCL), Invoking Zeus. State, ritual and society in South-east Italy


February 1st: Graham Oliver (Liverpool), Self-recognition: Greek epigraphy and state identity


February 8th: Corinna Riva (Oxford), Inscriptions on Etruscan bucchero.  A form of gender identity?


February 22nd: Edward Herring (Galway),  Priestesses in Puglia?  An archaeological perspective on the Messapic tabara inscriptions.


March 1st: Zofia Archibald (Liverpool),  Language and the written word north and east of Mount Olympos: Macedon and Thrace in the second half of the first millennium BCE


March 22nd: Timo Sironen (Oulu), The Identities and Literacy of the Sabellian Populations of Central and Southern Italy in the 5th-1st centuries BC


April  26th: Tim Cornell (ICS),  Language, literacy and identity in Cato's Origines 


May 10th: Ruth Whitehouse (UCL), Writing and identity in theory and practice: Italy in the 1st millennium BC

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