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Accordia Lectures and Research Seminars, 2003-2004

The Italy Lectures

October 14th: Dr Sybille Haynes, Between the Val di Chiana and the Val d'Orcia new excavations at La Foce near Chianciano 

November 4th: Dr Simon Stoddart ( University of Cambridge), Etruscan state formation in a comparative perspective 

December  9th: David Ridgway, The Italian Iron Age and Greece from Hellenisation to Interaction 

January 20th: Dr Amanda Claridge ( RHUL), Of dubious antiquity fakes in Greek and Roman Sculpture 

February 17th: Prof. Rolf Michael Schneider (University of  Munich), War in Rome Visual Strategies of an Empire 

March 9th: Prof. Richard Beacham & Dr Hugh Denard (University of Warwick), Performing Pompeii the virtual worlds of ancient painting and theatre

May 4th: Dr Paolo Biagi (University of Venice), The first farmers of northern Italy the Neolithisation of community

Research Seminars

The Establishment of Literacy in State Societies: The Ancient Mediterranean

October 21st:  David Langslow (Manchester), Alphabets, spelling and punctuation in early pre-Roman Italy

October 28th:  Alan Johnson (UCL), Go West, young san! Aspects of early alphabetic diaspora and uses.

November 18th:  Kathryn Lomas (UCL), Writing and Reitia: the anatomy of literacy in NE Italy


November 25th:  Alex Whitehead (Reading), Samian tableware from NW Europe: graffiti in context


December 2nd:  John Pearce (CSAD, Oxford), The archaeology of  documents and writing materials: the distribution and role of literacy in the north-west provinces


February 3rd:  Charlotte Rouech (KCL), Signs and letters at Aphrodisias and Ephesus


Feb. 10th:  Luca Zaghetto (Padua),  Iconography and language: the missing link


February 24th:  John Bennet (Oxford), Who wrote in Linear B...and why? Reflections on literacy in the Mycenaean world


March 2nd:  Ralph Haussler (Worms) Empire and Literacy in the Roman world


March 23rd:  Tamar Hodos (Bristol), Writing more than words in Iron Age Sicily


April 27th:  Jonathan Powell (RHUL), Oral versus written in Republican Roman legal procedure


May 11th:  Lene Rubinstein (RHUL), Writing and orality in Greek diplomacy


May 18th:  Peter Haarer (CSAD, Oxford), The implications for literacy of the use of Greek alphabetic writing on different media


May 25th:  Alison Cooley (Warwick), The publication of Roman official documents in the Greek East

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