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Accordia is a research institute in the University of London. It operates in association with the Institute of Archaeology, UCL and with the Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London. It is dedicated to the promotion and co-ordination of research into all aspects of early Italy, from first settlement to the end of the pre-industrial period. 


We organise lectures, research seminars, conferences and exhibitions on aspects of Italian archaeology and history, and publish a regular journal on the same theme; details of the 2018-2019 lecture series can be found here


Accordia also has an extensive programme of research publications. We publish specialist volumes, seminars, conferences and excavation reports. Our policy is to encourage and support research into early Italy, especially by younger scholars, to get new work disseminated as rapidly as possible, and to improve access to recent and innovative research. We believe our books and our journal represent a valuable contribution to the development of the subject area. Accordia publishes its own Journal, the Accordia Research Papers

We also run - or are associated with - a number of research and fieldwork projects based in Britain and in Italy.

Accordia operates on a voluntary, non-profit basis, supported by subscriptions and donations. Publications are self-financing. Everyone gives their services without payment.



Recent Publications

New publications with Special Offer until March 31st!

  Neolithic Spaces (two volumes). 2020. Sue Hamilton and Ruth Whitehouse

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Recent publications

Accordia Research Papers 15   Published 2019.


 Etruscan Literacy in its Social Context.  2020. edited by Ruth Whitehouse


The Accordia Lectures 2020-21

The full programme for this year's Accordia Lectures can be found here. Due to the on-going pandemic, the lectures will take place via Zoom. If the situation changes at any stage in the New Year, we will try to return to ‘real’ lectures in real lecture rooms. In the meantime, if you wish to attend on Zoom, please email Professor Ruth Whitehouse at accresearch20@gmail.com and you will be sent the joining details of each lecture.

TUESDAY, March 16, 2021  at 17:30

World War II in Sicily: protecting archaeology and museums under threat

Antonino Crisa (University of Ghent) 

As an ally of the Axis powers, Italy entered World War II in June 1940. Thus, Allied forces began to attack Italy with effective air raids, which also hit many strategic cities of Sicily (e.g. Catania, Messina, Palermo). Bombing and military operations, including the island’s Allied invasion, put Sicilian antiquities at serious risk. What was the impact of war on archaeology, museums, sites and civilian communities in Sicily? This is still little known and needs further, in-depth investigation.
The aim of my talk is to present my novel and intriguing research project, which I am currently carrying out as a Marie Curie Skłodowska Research Fellow at Ghent University. The project aims to understand how WWII affected Sicilian antiquities, museums and sites, and what was the

role of the authorities, such as the Italian Superintendencies,

the Army and AMGOT, in protecting  them in a war context.

Through the lens of archival, historical and archaeological

research, I assess selected sites, namely Agrigento, Cefalù and

Palermo, where bombing, war operations and air raid shelter

construction threatened local antiquities, sites and museums.

                                                                            Allied troops advancing

                                                                                              in downtown

                                                                                          Catania in 1943



Workshop: The Archaeology of Pilgrimage

Organised jointly by the Accordia Research Institute, the Baron Thyssen Centre for the Study of Ancient Material Religion (The Open University) and the Institute of Classical Studies (University of London).

We are delighted to advertise the full programme for this one-day workshop on pilgrimage in ancient Italy, which will be held via Zoom on Friday 23rd April 2021. The conference is free to attend, but please register your place via the link below. Further information and details of the workshop programme can be found here.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact the conference organisers, Eleanor Betts (eleanor.betts@open.ac.uk) and Ruth Whitehouse (accresearch20@gmail.com)  



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