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Accordia Lectures and Research Seminars, 2005-2006


The Italy Lectures

November 8th: Dr Mark Pearce (University of Nottingham), Size matters! Perceiving value in the north Italian Bronze Age
Joint Lecture with the Institute of Archaeology

December 13th Accordia Anniversary Lecture:
Dr Susan Walker (Ashmolean Museum), Antony and Cleopatra on the Portland Vase?

January 24th: Dr Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni (University of Milan), The development of writing in early Etruria: recent work

February 14th: Prof. Ken Thomas and Dr Marcello Mannino (Institute of Archaeology, UCL), Sea shells from the Sicilian shore:  investigating prehistoric human coastal ecology

March 7th: Prof. Peter Wiseman (University of Exeter), The mute stones don't speak: approaches to pre-literary Rome

May 2nd: Prof. Cosimo Pagliara (University of Lecce), The Grotta della Poesia: writing on cave walls in south east Italy



Seminar Series

New Perspectives on the Etruscans

Jan 25th:  Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni (Milan), Writing choices in the Italian peninsula during the age of Tarquinius Priscus 

Jan 31st: David Ridgway (ICS), From Nestor to Demaratus: the Hellenization of Etruria?

Feb. 7th:  John Penney (Oxford), The Etruscan language in its Italic context

Feb. 21st: Roman Roth (Cambridge), Etruria without the Etruscans: a critique of the ethnocentricity of a discipline

Feb. 28th: Carrie Roth-Murray (Cambridge), The construction of Etruscan power during the Orientalising and Archaic periods.


March 21st: Vedia Izzet (Cambridge),  Perspectives on Etruscan architecture


April 25th: Francesca Ridgway (ICS),  Questions of Etruscan Painting

May 9th: Simon Stoddart (Cambridge), The Etruscan body.

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